Tradition, craftsmanship, innovation
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Mojito Design - Made in Itlay



Mojito design is a young and dynamic company, proud of being 100% Italian.
The company stems from the creativity and entrepreneurship of the Giovanardi family, with more then thirty years experience in working plastic materials and rubber with all kinds of inserts, from metals to stones.


Tradition, craftsmanship, innovation

Our roots are well-founded in the Italian handmade tradition.
Our goal is trustworthiness, taking care of each product detail and client needs.
By the project analysis we optimize the whole production process and the only limit (or almost) is your creativity. We grew up making investments in new production technologies that made us a leader in bi-injection molding.


Method, evolution

From the first blueprint to a 3D render, from molds to prototypes, to final production.
We take care of all the steps of the process, with special focus on new materials and new production techniques. This is the reason why we love to take on new challenges and to study each project to suit the client’s requests.

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